“Mr. Know It All” by heavy on the heart.

“Mr. Know It All” by heavy on the heart. checks all of the genre-defining boxes of a good pop-punk track. The vocals are powerful. The melodies are infectious. The lyrics are clever and memorable. Plus, this group has an incredibly distinctive sound thanks to the idiosyncratic, bright tone of the singer. If you’re not humming this under your breath for weeks, you did something wrong.

A covered set of electric guitar chords plays out in one ear, implying the coming explosion of texture. When it comes, both ears erupt in drums, bass, and even more electric guitar. Having an intro with a small build always intimates something dynamically exciting for the rest of the song. “Hey, get a load of this / I said your knight in shining armor is just nothing but a little b*tch,” this lyrically arresting first line tells us everything we need to know about the message. We’re getting a “Misery Business” or “Gives You Hell”-style piece of delectable character assassination. There’s nothing more cathartic to a mid-2000s rock fan.

After we chug through more distorted power chords, we arrive at the chorus. Harmonies envelop the lead singer’s powerful, high-pitched belts and add to the climactic, ambiance of the hook. Guitars strum through vibrant counter-melodies as the bass and drums uphold the structure. Though short, this moment satisfies the previous anticipation perfectly.

Stay tuned for a breakdown, a bridge, and the obligatory, gritty guitar solo. Everything about this piece screams brilliant rock songwriting and arrangement, so be sure to follow heavy on the heart!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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