“SummerSoul” by Naytiive

“SummerSoul” by Naytiive has a gloriously retro piece of music. With elements of funk, rock, pop, and (obviously) soul, this track will make you feel a lot of different things aside from the incontrovertibly deep groove. Boasting a vibe not too far from The Jacksons’ “This Place Hotel” and a vibrantly passionate performance, it’s hard not to immediately fall in love with this song.

The lyrics come in almost immediately: “Rainfall in the middle of summer / Red lights far as the eyes can see,” the vocals have a powerful, rhythmic quality to them as well as a tangible rasp. Bass and drums carry the instrumentation so far, letting the melody control the tonality. Crisp, fast cymbal fills ornament each transition as we exit the verse and move toward the chorus. Plus, the occasional twinkle of the keyboard or guitar introduces a little textural filler to the mix.

The chorus arrives with an exclamatory “get up!” Background vocals answer each word in a high-pitched falsetto. The chords climb an anthemic progression, eventually culminating in the filthiest, most insanely satisfying riff you’ll ever hear. Guitar and vocals course through the minor scale with a commanding attitude. By the time it melts back into a verse, you’re hungry for more of that intoxicating motif.

If this sounds like it may be up your alley, you ought to check out Naytiive! “SummerSoul” is a brilliant display of influence and musicianship. Plus, you may just get a new favorite artist out of the whole experience.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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