“Wanderers” by Alamance

“Wanderers” by Alamance is the metal-inspired pop-rock track of your dreams. With equal parts sparse, intimate moments, anthemic melodies, and heavy, noisy goodness, this song runs the gamut of dynamic techniques. You’ll be jolted from one atmosphere to another—and you’ll like it. It’s both a physical and emotional rollercoaster of a track, designed to keep you surprised and invested.

A deeply distorted electric guitar defines the intro, giving us these meaty, effective power chords. The drums lay on the crash, keeping with the already monstrously high-energy ambiance. The instrumentation switches to a legato, whole-note drone as the verse sets in: “Tonight the rain is falling / Reminding me of what I lost so long ago.” The singer’s bright tone sails gracefully over the rumble of the instrumentation. A small build culminates in a moment of near silence, then an explosion. The chorus arrives with a few screamed words and a flurry of kick drum hits. The melody has that angsty, memorable arc so often associated with emo music, while the instrumentation fits the tight, frenetic loudness of metal. As the singer climbs off of a few high, belted notes, we return to the verse.

Stay tuned for various, satisfying rhythmic motifs, even more impressive vocal moments, and a poignant ending. If you grew up listening to nu-metal, emo, or alternative music, you’ll doubtlessly love Alamance. Give them a follow on your choice of social media platform! You’ll be glad you did.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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