“Rush” by Dogboy is a guitar-driven rock song brimming with infectious melodies and sultry lyricism. Its constant, frenetic groove gives it a punk twinge, but the harmonic and tonal values have a slightly sentimental quality to them. Overall, the songwriting and performance merge to bring us something unique, passionate, and effortlessly cool.

The first chord progression rings out with a bright, distorted electric guitar and a cowbell. The second time, drums, bass, and even more guitar layers blanket the mix to form a delightful, miniature build. As the last notes of the solo-like riff Peter out, the verse begins: “masochistic / Stabbed me in the heart then you kissed it.” The vocals are more spoken than sung, giving the track a conversational yet rhythmic feel. As time passes, however, the singer infuses the words with more and more melodic value, providing us with a musically satisfying transition to the chorus.

As the vocalist utters the hook, the instrumentation erupts with dynamic power. He mimics the intensity by reaching into this high, raspy register. This strong yet somehow vulnerable side of his voice keeps the song relatable, climactic, and ultimately incredibly gratifying.

Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of this energetic masterpiece. Dogboy is a group rife with raw, authentic talent. Plus, their sound manages to be just as familiar as it is distinct. Give them a follow on your choice of social media platform, and a stream on your choice of streaming service. You’ll be glad you found a new favorite rock artist!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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