“Nights Like This” by Kenny Sharp

“Nights Like This” by Kenny Sharp is the catchy, soulful pop track of your dreams. With an effortlessly lighthearted atmosphere and a beautifully idiosyncratic vocal performance, this track will tap into the easygoing, joyful part of your brain. Each glimpse of the spritely background vocals or the classic bass line is a reminder of the joy, passion, and brilliant musicianship that went into making this masterpiece.

An organ swell invites us into the song, eventually cutting to bass, electric guitar, and background vocals. Here, we get a sneak peek at the chorus motifs and the indulgent groove. The verse begins not too long afterward. “Front, back, side to side,” Kenny starts, his raspy, distinctive vocal timbre drawing us in. His melodies glide over a guitar riff, which creates this gratifying, complex interplay. Although busy, however, this section remains low in pitch.

The chorus arrives again with its falsetto performance, juxtaposing the deep warmth of the verse with a slightly higher-energy ambiance. These Motown-inspired background vocals tumble through the post-chorus with ease. They infuse this otherwise modern piece with some 50s/60s influence, adding a layer of cleverness to the songwriting and production.

Stay tuned for a few delicious guitar/trumpet licks and an a cappella ending. This track will inevitably put a smile on your face. Kenny Sharp masterfully uses his natural musical aptitude to give us something with the most wonderful, infectious mood. So, be sure to follow him on your choice of social media platform, and stream “Nights Like This” on your choice of streaming service!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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