“Ms. Munroe” by Shany

Shany Bartal brings us “Ms. Munroe” and we can’t help but to love it. This smooth classic sounding track is a portal into a time machine and we’re along for the entire ride.

“Ms. Munroe” is fun and dangerous, and Shany’s delivery is pure gold. While listening to this track we think of flowing hair in the wind and driving a car with the top down while we’re on the way to tear something up. This song gives us power and makes us feel strong and unstoppable, like we can do anything.

When speaking about the track, Shany says this about the track “The song title is a tribute to Jill Monroe from the famous American TV series Charlie’s Angels.”

This was also said about the riveting track, “[Bartal] wanted to take the audience [on] a unique journey. She approached the talented producer Joseph E-Shine, [and they worked perfectly to combine this rock/blues song” that will captivate the hearts (and ears) of listeners, especially those that love the sound of 70s soul and rock.”

Even though “Ms. Munroe” is addictive all on its own, the cover art for the track is eye-catching as well. Upon a close look, it looks as though a woman is sitting on a throne and has wings on her back, while holding a staff and the world shines behind her. We love the C.A as much as we love this track.

Make sure you check out any upcoming music from Shany, as we want to find out what she will be up to, so she’s definitely on our radar.

Our personal favorite line: “You’ll never know what you’re missin’”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester




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