“Dig It Up” by Stereo Glow

“Dig It Up” by Stereo Glow is an indie, psychedelic piece of songwriting and production genius. With its moments of non-diatonic chaos sandwiched between glorious, classic chord progressions, this track just oozes intelligence and creativity. It’s not too often you hear a song that says so much about the brilliance of the artist this implicitly. Stereo Glow is a prime example of music as both indulgence and art.

The song begins with a groovy wash of percussion. Soon, an electric guitar joins in, toggling between two mysterious chords. In between phrases, a low-pitched motif acts as a transition. We already get the sense that the Stereo Glow knows just how to use rhythm and chord values to create an atmosphere.

The verse emerges, performed with dreamy, whispery vocals. The melody climbs through multiple scales and arpeggios, complementing the chords perfectly. A few repeated phrases ramp up the perceived catchiness and introduce some vibrant harmonies. Even still, we’ve yet to reach the chorus. When it finally arrives, we finally lock into a specific key and bathe in the diatonic, musically accessible glory (even if only for a moment). It’s the perfect departure from the off-kilter verse, as it hands the listener something recognizable. The mix of strange and simple is wonderfully tasteful.

Stay tuned for a guitar solo and an anarchic ending. If you like alternative rock or pop music, Stereo Glow will blow your mind. Be sure to give “Dig It Up” a listen and a download! You’ll be glad you did!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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