“Love to Hate” by Sumner Stroh

Sumner Stroh is here with a fun, stingy track “Love To Hate” and we feel so dangerous while listening to it.

Love To Hate” is an ode to all the people who seem to get blamed for being themselves, and those seem to be the ones that are unbothered. We love a go-getter kind of song, a song that embraces people and makes them feel like they are the best versions of themselves.

Sumner herself says “[I] wrote this to be an anthem of hot girl summer. [I] wanted to embody [the] baddie era to give listeners a feeling of confidence and self love, like nobody can stop you.”

And this is exactly how we feel, “Love To Hate” is the perfect track to welcome the heat and bring on a whole new meaning to glowing up and stepping into your own.

S.S even incorporates the bad girl persona into the cover art, reminding us of one of our favorite baddies Megan Fox’s “Jennifer’s Body”, and for that we love this track even more.

We hope to hear more of this type of music from Sumner as it boosts our mood!

Make sure you follow Sumner on all of her socials, as it looks like a good time and you can keep up with all of her upcoming music updates.

Our personal favorite line: “I’m the bi*ch they love to hate/ burn the witch right at the stake/ you can do your worst, use all your words as a flame/ adding fire to my flame.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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