“With You” by THELIXX

Rising Wales-based indie pop band THELIXX is back with their infectious new single “With You.” The band began their rise to popularity with their singles “Magic,” “Roam,” and “Maniac.” They were able to establish credibility right out of the gate by cowriting these songs with Roy Stride – who also wrote music for household names like One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. The group recently performed in Wales’ biggest festival “In It Together” alongside names Anne-Marie and The Kooks.

The music video for “With You” was filmed on location in Paphos. It includes one of the band members, Curt, breaking up with his girlfriend and then daydreaming in a completely different city. He runs through the colorful city in Cyprus and more hijinks ensues – so be sure to go watch it!

“With You” is a light fluttery single on the outside, with real depth on the inside. The band sings about the complications of their relationship and how deep in love he is falling with this person. The use of sampling dialogue, synths, and fast drums all give it that classic indie sound, but the concept and lyrics give the group real edge. It is obvious they know their sound and what helps them stand out. They have a long instrumental in the song which some might steer away from in the “TikTok age,” but the band puts the art before the marketing. Their values shine through even in small decisions like these. Some stand out lyrics are, “I’m looking for a sign/ you got me crossing the line / but nothing good ever happens when you’re dreaming.” THELIXX shows their clever wordplay and paints a picture, making the song super fun to dissect and listen to.

With sold out shows across Wales, it’s only a matter of time before THELIXX becomes an international success.

Reviewed by Katie Power





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