“Moment of Madness” by Elliott James

After launching his brand-new solo project, Elliott Jones released his debut single “Moment of Madness.” The solo venture came as a personal challenge to Jones after his previous band dispersed. Since the pandemic, Jones has been writing, recording, and mixing a lot of songs for himself. He has gotten comfortable in the recording space and is looking forward to dive back into live performances. Sharing that he already has a band that really gets him, and they’ve been practicing nonstop.

The single is accompanied by a lyric video. It has a bright teal blue filter and shows the band performing the song. It is always appreciated when artists have somewhere obvious to find the lyrics, especially songwriters with thoughtful lyrics like Jones.

“Moment of Madness” is oozing with a 90s sound and a modern flair. The electric guitar is reminiscent of 90s rock band Semisonic and Jones cites bands like Foo Fighters and Fontaine’s DC as other influences.

 The story that is being told could be interpreted as a miscommunication. Jones is singing about a partner and wondering where they went and swearing that he knew them. The frustration is clear in the blunt writing and short language. Jones’s chorus is repetition but extremely to the point and memorable. Aspects like these are like walking a tightrope in commercial songwriting, and Jones’s does it like a pro.

When talking about starting this solo endeavor and what some of his goals where he shared, “Guitar music is a huge passion of mine, combined with memorable riffs and anthemic choruses. Creating and recording at all hours, my music is an outlet for creativity and energy.”

These goals are achieved with flying colors on this track. Jones is able to allow the catchy lyrics to shine while also managing to weave in super fun and memorable guitar riff.

Be sure to check out both the song and the lyric video available now!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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