“the key.” by Dean St.

Dean St. is here with ‘the key.’ And we easily fell in love with its charm on the very first listen. ‘the key.‘ is beautifully written and well placed, and Dean St. does a fine job of taking us on a joyride.

With the help of producer Ryan Hadlock, (best known for working with The Lumineers and Vance Joy) this band forms to create a magical sound that intrigues our ears and gets us moving to the beat.

Dean St. had this to say about ‘the key.’, “[the song is about] Cognitive dissonance! The more we learn about ourselves and the people around us, the more it becomes obvious that humans are really really bad at being objective.”

The band continues on, “We entrench ourselves in our beliefs. If we’re presented with any evidence that contradicts these beliefs, we are hard-wired to view it as an attack and our brain scrambles to find ways to defend and dismiss.”

While this song has deeper meanings than we know, we enjoy every moment, as it feels like a release of serotonin for our brains and heals our hearts. 

We admire how Dean St.’s vocals sync so well and they have the ability to change together at the perfect time.

We love everything from how simplistic the song cover is (containing a nice pair of classic John Elton/ The Beatles type sunglasses), to how this track is capable of fitting into so many genres at once.

Make sure you follow (links below) Dean St. for updates on their music and what they have coming next.

Our personal favorite line: “If your mind can’t find the key/ I know we’ll get there easily/ and if the moment doesn’t cease/ we’ll find a reason to believe.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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