“Talk (Let’s Not)” by Sally Crosby

A lifelong songwriter, Sally Crosby released new indie rock single “Talk (Let’s Not)” available now. The song was written almost a decade ago, and now has been brought to life. At just five years old Crosby began playing piano, since then she has taken up clarinet, violin, ukulele, and guitar. She studied music and creative writing at university and played both in a folk-rock band and orchestra while at school. It’s obvious music has been a real source pf joy for Crosby finding a way to include music throughout her life. In 2022, she released two singles “Phoenix” and “Talk (Let’s Not.)” Crosby is the real deal, doing it for the love of music and writing first.

“Talk (Let’s Not)” is a fun song about throwing all your cares out the window. The song has heavy electric guitar and big drums. Her songwriting is playful and conversational. She has a knack for telling it how it is and coming across both carefree and thoughtful. The song has sharp production that contrasts the looseness of the topic at hand. Crosby has a wonderful voice that is enjoyable to listen to and her passion shines through every note.

“Talk (Let’s Not)” has three different versions: the full band, stripped, and acoustic. I love the inclusion of both the stripped and acoustic because they transform the song in their own ways. Personally, I really like the stripped version because it still has the fullness of the full band single and it lets the lyrics shine like the acoustic version.

This song has come a long way since it was written all those years before so I am glad the world can finally hear Crosby sparkle on “Talk (Let’s Not) everywhere now!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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