“Sick Sedation” by Baxter

“Sick Sedation” by Baxter is everything a good rock song should be: heavy, angsty, sonically revolutionary, and most of all, completely infectious. Every moment provides a new catchy motif, backed by the crunchy, energetic goodness of a live band. Not to mention, Baxter’s voice has just the right amount of grit and soul. By the end, you’ll be simultaneously satisfied and hungry for more.

Some blaring feedback and an underpinning of applause start the song off. The beat sets in and suddenly, we’re immersed in a sea of vocals, frenetic drums, and rhythmic guitar. The lyrics pour in: “It’s just unexpected love that I’ve been needing / I’ve been out of touch / Way too much.” Along with Baxter’s powerful timbre, a cloud of harmonies envelops each word. The lyrics themselves paint a picture of yearning but in a casual, cool way.

The sectionality of this song is actually really interesting. It feels like there are a lot of different hooks that unfold from this moment on—some full of quick-fire lyricism, some performed on guitar, and some legato, catchy vocal melodies. Even so, you’re never lost and confused. Every musical decision is both tasteful and purposeful, keeping the listener hooked, excited, and emotionally gratified.

Be sure to give Baxter a listen and a follow on your choice of streaming service or social media platform! “Sick Sedation” is a brilliant addition to the fabric of modern rock music, and also a genuinely well-written, well-performed song. You’ll doubtlessly have a new favorite artist to add to your summer track rotation.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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