“Amplify Me” by Blueburst

Blueburst is back with ‘Amplify Me’ and it’s making us fall in love with 90s grunge rock again.

This song is a reminder of the anger that we have suppressed and forgotten about, and we can relate to the lyrics of ‘Amplify Me’ as there are so many instances that make us wish we could act out on things and people that provoke us.

Blueburst reminds us that we are all human and we go through many processes that are difficult and others may not recognize. The band had this to say about their latest release, “Amplify Me” is a hard-charging heavy rock piece, dealing with human beings’ need to be heard, and the rage that’s created when they feel they aren’t.”

The band continues on, “The narrator of the song is someone feeling this anger, who by the end of the song is bordering on violent action.” While listening, we admire how honest Blueburst is and how they have the ability to demonstrate their emotions in a punk-rock kind of way.

The end of the song highlights the inevitable emotions expressed throughout the song’s lyrics, “I’ll make you taste my endless rage”, and “I gotta scream tonight”, letting listeners know that all of that anger can only be held in for so long.

Listeners can also take that as advice to communicate their feelings in another way. Make sure you follow Blueburst on all of their socials (down below) to stay up to date on what singles are coming next.

Our personal favorite line: “With all we crave and all we vent/ It never makes the slightest dent/ I need more power, need more sway/ I need to crash this endless gray/ Why won’t you amplify me?”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester






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