“Empty Promises” by Carter Ray

“Empty Promises” by Carter Ray is an electronic pop song dripping in tasteful autotune, dramatic melodies, and climactic production tricks. The rhythmic integrity of this track is truly fascinating. Percussion defines the energy at every turn, keeping the whole thing lively and dynamically varied. If you like your pop music with a touch of frenetic, hyper-pop goodness or soulful R&B, here’s the perfect combination. You’ll be delighted by this one.

The intro blossoms with synth chords, buzzing bass, and high-pitched vocal samples. The atmosphere is minor and a tad morose, so you can already glean a little about the coming lyrical content. “I keep running and running, I’m getting tired / Keep putting my hands through the fire,” Carter croons, the lyrics coming out fast and syllabically solid. His voice is icy and crisp, draping itself over the warm, dreamy instrumentation with a sense of balance.

When the chorus rolls around, the vocals suddenly break out in fierce autotune, climbing through high-register melodies with ease. The chords take on a harmonic minor sound, breathing power and mystery into the mix. As the song continues, this atmosphere only gets deeper. The drums get busier. The vocals belt harder. Even the synths feel a bit more extreme. Carter Ray is able to craft a brilliant, slow-burn-style build throughout this track. By the end, you’ll be infatuated with his work and artistry.

Be sure to give “Empty Promises” a stream! You’ll be glad you learned about this poignant, musically gratifying track.

Written by Alyce Lindberg

Video Credits:

Director – Carter Ray
Starring – Fia Nyxx
Executive Producer – Vincent House Productions
Producer – Catie Loth
Director of Photography – Ossey James
Creative Director – Bird Vincent
Music by – Sam J Garfield




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