“sugarbird” by renaissance boy

“sugarbird” by renaissance boy is a soulful, smooth, lyrically intriguing masterpiece that blossoms into something upbeat and playful. If you’re into feel changes, brilliant chord progressions, exuberant crooning, or that sweet intersection between live and electronic production, you’re in luck. renaissance boy does it all.

“I just want a pretty girl on the internet to like me / or a pretty boy to hold me when I’m sad,” the vocals flow naturally over some neo-soul-esque electric guitar. So far, it’s slow, velvety, and devoid of percussion. In seconds though, a frenetic countdown leads us into something a tad more rhythmic (and pleasantly chaotic, for that matter). Distorted electric guitars, light-hearted keyboard motifs, and busy percussion form a new groove. The chords and melody stay much the same in that they’re simultaneously classic and unexpected. Each moment comes with an indulgent harmonic choice, thusly, a splash of glorious anticipation.

The melodic hook consists of a few “oo’s” and an electric guitar that mimics the vocal. It’s the kind of hook you can easily imagine being a hit live, as its draw to sing along is rather strong. As for the rest of the song, you should definitely check it out for yourself! It’s a treasure trove of musical genius. The cheery sound and clever words could melt just about anyone’s heart. Be sure to give renaissance boy a follow and a stream on your choice of social media platform or streaming service. You’ll be glad you got to know this wildly talented artist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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