“Blue” by Wotts is an incredibly charming indie pop track defined by twinkly, ethereal instrumental textures and a deep, warm vocal. Every minute of this track feels like you’re floating, an atmosphere perfectly tailored to the coming summer season. If you’re in the mood for something a little different but also undeniably likable, you couldn’t go wrong with this one.

A sweet, warbling synth invites us into the piece. Not too long afterward, the lead vocals chime: “In the sky, I’m waiting for something / Feel a change, can’t be for nothing, no / Bluebird, she singing around me / Feel a calm, welcome, surrounding flow.” These delicate, quasi-psychedelic lyrics complement the music perfectly. Bass and drums carry a causal pattern as a delightful, mildly detuned piano motif sparkles in between vocal phrases. The melody itself is relaxed, delivered with a breathy affectation. Additional instruments act as transitions—beautiful harp glissandos, string hits, and even glimpses of white noise (i.e. birds and bubbles). If you’re partial to guitar solos, you’re in luck. There’s a smooth, almost retro one near the end. Then, as the track fades out, you get a lighthearted, spoken sample and some of those aforementioned birds. If you’re not smiling from ear to ear, you’re at least filled with relief and tranquility.

Give “Blue” a listen, and Wotts a follow on your choice of streaming service or social media platform. This track has one of the best atmospheres you’ll hear. Plus, Wotts has a lot of other tracks to check out.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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