“Colour Running Away” by Simesky + Fritch

“Colour Running Away” by Simesky+Fritch is this dramatic, 80s-inspired masterpiece born out of a clear love for goth rock and alternative. If you’ve ever desired a modern iteration of The Cure, this song will undoubtedly satiate you. It’s the drum machine. It’s the idiosyncratic vocal performance. It’s the iconic synth sound. Retro is almost an understatement. Simesky+Fritch came straight from the 80s to remind us of a brilliant, unique genre of music. 

A drum beat thumps along with a few pulsing synths on a single suspended chord. The lyrics pour in and the instrumentation drops to a riff and a smattering of percussion. “Just a picture / Just a photograph,” the melodramatic vocal delivery coats every word. By the time the chorus comes around, the arrangement has thickened and the vocals are doubled or even tripled. Each take performs slightly differently, drawing attention to the inherent busyness. It culminates in that same suspended chord from the intro, a pleasantly full-circle cadence.

Stay tuned for a fascinating and creative use of guitar, a few more iterations of the verse and chorus, and a chaotic ending. Truly, the instrumental section of this song layers instruments in a totally distinctive way. If you’re interested in 80s music or want to dive into a new genre, give “Colour Running Away” a shot! You’ll be surprised and delighted by its different, fun sound. Be sure to give Simesky+Fritch a follow on your choice of streaming service or social media platform as well!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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