“Normal” by Little Lore

“Why be happy when you can be normal?” is a question London-based artist Little Lore asks on her new single “Normal.” The americana singer/songwriter Tricia

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“Somebody” by Køash

“Somebody” by Køash is an 80s-inspired synth-pop song overflowing with viscerally good melodies and tight production. If you ever find yourself in need of a

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“Machine” by Mandy Slate

“Machine” by Mandy Slate is a pop song atop a clean, prog background. As the crisp guitar work slides frenetically through the background, Mandy carves

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“Train in Vain” by Blueburst

“Train In Vain” by Blueburst is a passionate outpouring of lyricism over a sentimental chord progression and a vibrant mix of instrumentation. Its painful, indignant

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“In A Daze” by Draumr

At the intersection of experimental and dream pop lies “In A Daze” by Draumr. It’s one of the most uniquely groovy tracks you’ll ever hear.

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