“Alligator” by LØVE OUTLIER

“Alligator” by Løve Outlier is a 90s-inspired acoustic ballad full of climactic builds and idiosyncratic, impressive vocals. While its various, texturally distinct instruments hold down the foundation, the vocalist gives us the full range of both emotion and dynamics. If you’re into retro indie rock music, this track will be your next favorite.

A casual acoustic guitar progression starts it off. Strings ornament the intro just before the lead vocal comes in: “It’s a war within me / I found out she caught a hold of me / Now she’s all I see.” The singer’s warm, idiosyncratic pronunciation rings out over each chord. The verse remains pretty low-energy until suddenly, a high-pitched belt signals the beginning of the chorus. As the singer wails the wonderfully angsty lyrics, harmonies and strings envelop the sound. Layers upon layers of chord values stack up in the most gratifying, uplifting way.

Fast-forward to the latter quarter of the song, strings, piano, guitar, and vocals are erupting from the mix. Whether it’s another iteration of the chorus or an instrumental, the arrangement overflows with beautiful noises until one final chord rings out. The instrumental build of this song is just hypnotizing. The lyrics and melody are infused with this poignant urgency by the end that lingers long after the song is over. You’re left feeling the intrinsic emotions of this track indefinitely.

Be sure to give “Alligator” a listen! You’ll be blown away by its musicality and effectiveness. Plus, you might just get a new favorite artist out of it.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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