“Wreath” by Camille Ruz

“Wreath” by Camille Ruz is one of the most beautiful marriages of guitar and voice you’ll ever hear. With its genuinely creative chord progression and delicate vocal performance, this song combines several subtle instrumental textures with endlessly poetic lyricism. Truly, you’ll be blown away by the soft, elegance Camille Ruz is able to conjure up. This song is a breathtaking slice of musicianship and authenticity.

It begins with a slew of ethereal guitar chords, sliding from fret to fret quite sweetly. Camille begins the verse: “As you reach for the door again, / She’s home.” The melody glides up and down these gratifying, often non-diatonic scales, ending up on lovely chord tones and defying expectations at every turn. Camille’s tone is airy and light, a nice complement to the warmth of the acoustic guitar.

The melody continues to be the star of the show even after violin, xylophone, and slide guitar grace the mix. It’s rare to hear a vocal line this original these days. The way it not only falls in unique ways but also evokes such intense emotion is unmatched. The dynamic and textural build only adds to the passion and magnetism of Camille’s voice. By the end, you’ll doubtlessly feel refreshed and sentimental.

Be sure to give Camille Ruz a listen, a follow, and a download on your choice of social media platform or streaming service! “Wreath” is the work of a true visionary. Every moment of this song just oozes sweet, folksy goodness. Plus, it’ll undoubtedly move you in some way or another.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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