“WGYTAU?” by KANITHA is a slow, emotional outpouring of lyricism. As each bittersweet chord passes by, KANITHA’s soft yet powerful performance lays a foundation for something genuine, raw, and grounded. Even so, the ethereal, dreamy production adds a little otherworldly sparkle. If you’re looking for something uniquely moving, this song will do the trick.

Simple piano chords float over a relaxed beat. Reverb and echo drip from each sound, furthering the ethereal atmosphere. “I could show you that my love’s not one to ignore / Am I someone you could still adore?” KANITHA croons, her voice smooth and breathy. The instrumentation remains gentle, now ornamented by a steady succession of snaps. Fast-forward to the chorus, background vocals, percussion, and piano erupt from the mix with this climactic fervor. “What got you thinkin’ bout us?” the hook drapes itself over the anthemic chord structure. The slow, dramatic pace couples with the deep, buzzing instrumentation to make something truly satisfying. The emotional gravity hangs in the air like a thick fog.

If you’re not already convinced, the ending sports a behind-the-beat, instrumental outro with plenty of textural flourishes. The bass takes center stage as we melt back into silence, concluding the dreamy, lo-fi masterpiece that is “WGYTAU?” Be sure to give KANITHA a follow, a like, and a download on your choice of streaming service or social media platform. You’ll soon fall in love with her elegant musicianship and spacey style. This song in particular is a testament to her talent.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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