Artist Interview: “A Lover’s Dilemma” by DapYP

Q: Coming from a small town in North Carolina, I’m curious about your musical journey. Do you remember who or what first got you into music?

DapYP: My father was a huge influence in the beginning of my music journey. Though he didn’t agree with it much at first. My family has a history of musically talented people including him. I just couldn’t help it, it’s like the path chose me.

Q: You’ve had quite the journey so far, all the way from North Carolina to Miami to Brooklyn, New York. What has each place taught you about the music industry, and how has it helped you navigate through your journey so far?

DapYP: North Carolina being my stomping ground had a lot to do with my personal development in who I am. Being charismatic. In Miami is where I really began learning how to write a song in the proper structure, well at least industry standard structure. Even though I do not always follow that structure I don’t stray far from it. New York gave me confidence, not only confidence but it helped me develop my identity.

Q: A bit hopping off the last question, living in so many different places where you created music, what piece of advice do you have for other up-and-coming artists trying to get their music out and heard?

DapYP: Definitely stay true to you. Don’t chase trends and see your idea through to fruition. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, fail or ask questions. 

Q: I love the upbeat and infectious beat of “A Lover’s Dilemma.” Can you walk me through the production process of this song?

DapYP: Yes! So I produced this record in my home. I was listening to Prince and just 80s music in general and absolutely loved the synth pop sound. It made me feel good. No matter the subject matter of the song. So I started off with the drums and built from there. I wanted to make something that was completely left field. I produced the entire record in Pro Tools.

Q: If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

DapYP: This is tough because there are so many. Pharell Williams, Andre 3000, and Tyler the Creator are all artists I would love to collaborate with that are alive. There are many others though. Like, Doja Cat would be fire too or Kehlani.

Q: What did you enjoy the most about making “A Lover’s Dilemma”?  

DapYP: I really just had fun with this. No pressure of trying to make a hit or anything. Just genuinely having a good time from the making of the production, to writing the lyrics and recording down to producing the music video. All of it was a blast.

Q: Your music is a unique mix of hip-hop, dance, r&b, and pop, among more. In your own words, how would you describe the music that you typically create?

DapYP: Well, this is a great question. I don’t really know how to describe it. I’ve asked my friends and they simply say “it sounds like Dap”. Can’t box me in, world! haha

Q: Thanks for talking with me today! Let everyone reading know what’s next for you! Are any projects in the works?

DapYP: SOOOOOOOO, i have another video coming out next month along with an EP at the end of August titled “Endless Summer” and if you ask me it is a CLASSIC. Stay tuned in and text me  336-863-3235

Interviewed by Melissa Cusano


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