“She Hz” by Liposuction

Australian-native rock group Liposuction, consisting of front-woman Sunday Hunter, Guy Drory, and Shannon Kilcoyne’s debut single, “She Hz,” is a hard-hitting, exhilarating track. Not only does the song showcase the band’s ability to make hardcore rock music, but they take it to the next level. Reminiscent of old-school rock with its own modern twist, Liposuction is starting strong with its debut song and is only at the beginning.

“She Hz” was written and produced by Sunday Hunter, providing vocals, guitar, and synthesizer performances. Other members include Guy Drory, who plays the drums for the group, and Shannon Kilcoyne, who performs bass guitar. “She Hz” starts off with an 80s-esque synth-pop intro, which is captivating within seconds. Hunter’s raspy and sultry vocals bring a rock element to the track, while Drory’s drums and Kilcoyne’s guitar provide a catchy tune that ties the whole song together.

The track is a unique mix of alternative rock, while other times, pop rock elements are brought in, making “She Hz” a genuinely unique and fresh song in the alternative rock scene. The debut single has such a nostalgic feeling that it belongs straight in a 1990s movie, but it is also contemporary for listeners of every age to enjoy. 

According to Sunday, “She Hz” is a …reflection on the reckless, self-destructive, and sometimes illegal behaviours we undertake in our younger years. When I was a young artist living in Sydney, I would often roam the streets, sometimes trespassing on private property like abandoned warehouses, and got myself into trouble a few times. This song is an ode to those years and experiences, like looking through a window into that time of my life.” 

“She Hz” was mixed by Brisbane local Heath Storrie, and mastered by Steve Smart from 301 Studios in Sydney. “She Hz” is available now on all major music streaming platforms. Take a listen now!

Photo Credits: @gabirankinecreative

Written by Melissa Cusano





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