“Past Lovers” by Eric Tano

“Past Lovers” by Eric Tano is truly a feat of production and songwriting. With its billowing layers of distortion and autotune, this track feels like a cross between commercial and hyper-pop. Underneath the production, the song itself brims with clever, relatable lyrics and anthemic melodies. If you’re into alternative electronic music, this one will be a fascinating addition to your library.

Buzzing synths welcome us into the track. The thump of a bass line triggers the verse: “Lately I’ve thought about what we had / As past lovers / And why you ended up hurting me,” The somewhat upbeat tonality contrasts the dejected lyricism with a twinge of charming irony. There’s also a distinct lack of rhyme scheme so far, a somewhat chaotic choice, but one that draws attention in a unique way. Although some rhyming does eventually occur, It’s always a delight to hear a song that subverts tradition like this, but it doesn’t stop there. Each texture—each meticulous placement of sound overlaps in a simultaneously gratifying and off-kilter way. The drums fall cleanly between swells of synth as trills of keyboard and distorted guitar flutter through the background. By the soft, intimate fade-out, you’ve digested rhythm, melody, and timbre in a whole new way. It’s an incredibly special piece of music with a lasting effect.

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Written by Alyce Lindberg




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