“One Track Mind” by Michael Barrow & The Tourists

“One Track Mind” by Michael Barrow & The Tourists is an anthemic indie rock track full of beautiful chord choices and dramatic, effective dynamics. Not to mention, the vocalist’s powerful belt infuses the song with a palpable urgency. If you’re into Keane or any mid-2000s soft-rock bands for that matter, you’ll love this one.

A four-on-the-floor-style kick drum accompanies the piano to form the intro. This driving groove sets the tone for an energetic, momentum-filled verse. “I can’t sleep / The last thing that you said is on repeat / Stuck inside my head,” Michael Barrow’s smooth, sultry voice carves out a shapely melody. An electric bass plays anticipatory eighth notes as the other instrumentation remains simple. A brief pre-chorus blossoms with a slightly more lush backdrop only to erupt in an anthemic chorus: “Save me / My one track mind / Keeps breaking / Every time.” Michael pushes to a strong, high-register melody. The chords follow the rhythm of his line, making each note he sings tonally different, and contrasting the every-steady drum groove. With a charming 2/4 bar, we’re thrust back into the riff from the intro.

Stay tuned for a few more choruses, a broken-down tag, and a climactic ending. This track is doubtlessly a gem, and worthy of an add to your summer playlist. Be sure to follow Michael Barrow & The Tourists on your choice of social media! You’ll be glad you got to know this wildly and copiously talented artist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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