“Orpheus” by LETI

“Orpheus” by LETI is a spacey, keyboard-based pop track with an elegant set of chords. It feels classic, bluesy, modern, and experimental all at once. If you’re not smitten with LETI’s bright, airy vocals, then you’re fawning over the ethereal production value—but it’s more than likely you’re experiencing both. This track is truly a magical, hypnotic phenomenon.

A mallet-based keyboard sound drifts by, immersed in a sea of white noise. “It’s the first time / I’ve seen you like this / Helpless and beautiful / Like an innocent kid,” LETI practically breathes the lyrics, landing on the most decadent chord tones. More synths join in gradually, twinkling and buzzing as not only harmony but textural embellishment. Drums arrive with the chorus, echoing a gentle boom-clap that feeds us rhythmic integrity without forcing an overly-specific grid. The lyrics are uplifting, invoking comfort and encouragement as a juxtaposition to the uneasy verse. Everything about the writing here has set us up for something beautiful, fulfilling, and ultimately, brilliant.

The rest of the song nurtures the atmosphere quite similarly. As sections pass by, the emotional gravity gets deeper and deeper, until we’re finally bathing in the fuzzy synth pad that makes up the outro. If you love slightly off-kilter, cool, ambient electronic music, you’ll love this one. LETI’s musical talent bleeds into every moment of this vibrant song. Be sure to give her a follow on your choice of social media or streaming service! You’ll be glad you found her.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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