“Veneno” by Love Ghost, BInko

Love Ghost and BInko are back with a new single that is sure to have you jumping and singing along: “Veneno”. And it’s a brilliant pleasure to hear.

This track contains satisfying lyrics from the duo and we can tell they are a perfect fit for the sound they present.

Veneno” which means poison in English, is an eye opening mixture of latin rock, alternative rock, and punk. This super catchy and excellent track gives us an early 2000’s sound that transfixes us and has us wanting more.

This duo lets us understand that there is so much emotion in this track, from anger to sadness and that makes “Veneno” a thrilling ride.

Veneno is the collaboration between Mexican artist BInko’s “contenido emo-kawaii” and Los Angeles artist Love Ghost’s “emo trap rock” styles. Produced by Mexico’s SAGA (L-Gante, C-Kan, Malilla), the song incorporates Latin rock and American pop-punk elements.”

There are so many things to enjoy about this track including the lyrics being sung in Spanish and English. This takes a lot of talent to sound natural and the duo makes this an effortless transition that has us feeling easy-going and dream-like.

We can’t wait to hear more from the duo as they continue to make their music be known around the world.

Make sure you follow the duo on their musical journey, as they have so much more coming. Love ghost and BInko have a show on June 10th, (Indie Foro Rocks in Mexico City) so make sure you look up the details for tickets!

Our personal favorite line: “You tell me that you miss me again/ then you leave me again.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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