“Boxing Gloves” by Julia Klot

Julia Klot is here with a new feel-good track that not only tackles being vulnerable, but standing up for yourself as well: “Boxing Gloves” shows us another side of Julia that she’s been wanting to express.

We can tell that J.Klot loved making every part of this track, from her vocal tones to her description of the song herself. The artist had this to say about the tough hitting track, “My new single “Boxing Gloves” is a funky pop tune with an upbeat sound and a strong lyrical message.”

We couldn’t agree more with J.K’s feelings towards this song, and we love how open and honest she was when writing this fun new single. “Boxing Gloves” contains a jazzy seat of instrumentals that is classy and highly addictive.

 This track describes how so many of us have felt in relationships and friendships, from giving in and allowing red-flag behavior to being hurt time and time again. 

This is also Julia’s first single since her EP “Ghost” in 2021.

Make sure you follow Julia Klot to keep up with her and keep an eye out for her next release.

Our personal favorite line: “You go to sleep half awake every night/ and you’re ticking off the hours/ as if it’ll change the time/ won’t slow you down.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester







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