Auseeuh (also under the name Asia Ward) is here with “Ghost” and it’s one release you cannot miss.

This incredibly vulnerable track has us shaken to the core as Auseeuh sings about loss, sadness, and was able to intermingle these feelings into this track, creating “Ghost”.

This track begins with a heartfelt message from who we believe could be Auseeuhs father and this was a wonderful way to tribute the song as well. 

A. describes this track by saying, “This song is about the loss of someone and dealing with the aftermath of all the emotions of grief. Sometimes you just don’t know what you got until it’s gone.”

This edgy track is not only mesmerizing, but eye-opening as well. “Ghost” not only has a beautiful message attached, it makes us understand that each day is precious and that we should treat each day as our last. 

Auseeuh also sings about trying to find the good in things in life after the loss, and carrying on. This song is not only for those that have suffered from loss but those that need to hear inspiration after having a hard time.

A’s vocal range is strong here, and we can hear that in her voice. We can hear that she had a lot to express in this song, and we applaud her for being so open with her fans.

Make sure you follow Auseeuh on her musical journey to find out what she releases next. (Links below)

Our personal favorite line: “Happy Birthday Honey/ you’ve gone from a young lady to a mature woman today” ????

Reviewed by Demornay Bester




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