“Stuck In Tokyo” by Tez Cadey

“Stuck In Tokyo” by Tez Cadey is impressive on all fronts. The vocals are anthemic. The melodies are incredibly memorable. The production is textural and dynamic. If you’re not singing along by the last chorus, then you’re doing something wrong. This song exemplifies all of the best facets of pop music with ease.

Two synths, one deep and fuzzy and the other twinkly and bright, form the intro. One of them foreshadows the chorus melody, a delightful songwriting technique. Just before the lyrics enter, a drum groove slowly fades in, setting the rhythmic tone for the rest of the piece. The vocalist’s words drape themselves over the simple backdrop, imbued with warmth and soul. As the verse continues, new instrumental layers pile in, such as electric guitar and bass. Not only does the timbre of these instruments add to the overall mix, but they each provide their own musically satisfying motif. This continuous build eventually culminates in the chorus: “You’re stuck in Tokyo / You feel like a familiar stranger.” That synth riff from the intro returns as the vocal hook, which is so effortlessly catchy. Whether it’s repeating or inventing new arcs, the chorus melody practically oozes brilliance. After just one listen you’ll be begging for more.

Luckily, the chorus does occur quite a few more times, peppered with verses and bridges. The final chorus ends with a dreamy set of piano chords, allowing the high-energy production to conclude with intimacy.

Be sure to give Tez Cadey a follow and a listen! You’ll be glad you did!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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