“somersaults” by Sweeter Than Sorrow

Ethereal indie singer songwriter, Sweeter Than Sorrow, has released their new single “somersaults.” Sweeter Than Sorrow is the project of Gothenburg-based Mattias Wåhlberg. Wåhlberg had other musical projects such as his band “Sombre View,” which is the band that Wåhlberg and his producer Jonas Franke-Blom first worked on together. “somersaults” marks the duo’s third time collaborating, and it’s clear they are a great match.

“somersaults” has a vulnerable start to its writing process. Sweeter Than Somber shared that he was in a dark and cloudy place and this song was his escape. “somersaults” is a gentle piece and Wåhlberg’s singing is soft and real. It’s clear that every word and breath came from his heart. One of my favorite touches in the production is the crackle of the vinyl. It really sets the tone for the rest of the song, and I am happy it is highlighted at the beginning and end.

This song allows daydreaming and a moment of peace for all who listen. It has such a calming energy throughout the strings and piano, and just pure beauty throughout the lyrics and harmony. I admire Wåhlberg’s songwriting, especially the lyric, “And there’s never any doubt that the entire world was made for us.” It just nails what Wåhlberg set out to do when he wrote the song.

When asked what he hopes listeners take away from this song, Wåhlberg shares, “to cultivate love in yourself, nurture it daily. Make your chest soften from the inside and out. Be there. It’s worth it a thousand times.”

So be sure to go listen to this incredibly beautiful song and keep an eye out for Sweeter than Sorrow’s future projects!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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