“Should’ve Known” by Livi Jacobs

“Should’ve Known” by Livi Jacobs is an irreverent breakup song full of catchy melodies, climactic arrangement choices, and impressive acoustic guitar work. Not only is Livi Jacobs’s voice a force to be reckoned with, but the entirety of the song’s make-up seems to stem from natural musicianship and soul. You’ll leave the experience filled with either a sense of catharsis or a satisfying groove (likely both).

An acoustic guitar introduces us to the two minor chords that make up the verse. “I really gave it all I had / I gave it all for you,” Livi croons, the deep warmth in her voice soaking up a small break in instrumentation. The acoustic guitar comes back in to provide structure as Livi pours out these vindictive, accusatory, ultimately quite gratifying lyrics. For the second stanza of the verse, delicate, thumping percussion comes in alongside some ethereal vocal processing (i.e. echo and reverb). It’s a subtle build, but an effective one.

The chorus arrives with fast, rhythmic acoustic chords and dreamy harmonies. The chords have remained pretty much the same throughout all of this, but the melodic and arrangement changes provide just the right amount of variety. Fast-forward to the last chorus, we even get a higher-pitched, belted iteration of the melody. The song eventually concludes with some ad-libbed vocal runs over the lovely, familiar acoustic groove.

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Written by Alyce Lindberg





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