“Other People’s Minds” by Casey Urban

“Other People”s Minds” by Casey Urban is a brilliantly unique piece of art pop. It’s textural. It’s upbeat. It’s ethereal. You couldn’t count on one hand how many influences it houses. As Casey’s bluesy vocal floats over the dreamy electronic production, you’re left wondering where this song has been all your life. It’s an undeniable feat of writing and production.

Thumping drums, twinkly piano, and elegant strings invite us into the song. The tonality is already so spacey and transcendent—you’re immersed in the atmosphere pretty much immediately. “I’m tired living life through other people’s minds / I’m tired living life,” Casey croons. Harmonies envelop certain words as her melody cascades down a sultry scale. She utters a few phrases as the instrumentation ebbs and flows, pausing for her statements and then blossoming as she releases the last word. These breathtaking major chords ignite angst and excitement within the listener with each crescendo.

Stay tuned for more iterations of each section, built upon string motifs and increasingly powerful vocals. The bass rumbles beneath the last chorus, eventually melting into a delicate final phrase. In only a minute and fifty-four seconds, Casey Urban has crafted a beautiful, hypnotic piece of music. Be sure to give her a follow on your choice of social media platform and a listen on your choice of streaming service! You’ll fall in love with her wildly individualistic style and natural, poignant musicianship. Plus, you might just come out of the experience with a new favorite song, or at least one to add to your summer playlist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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