“Limerence” by Ava Maybee

It’s not rare these days to come across a moving, well-written song if you’re looking in the right places. What is rare, however, is finding a moving, well-written song by an artist whose voice and essence are as striking as Ava Maybee’s. “Limerence” is a piece of music all about love, obsession, and confusion. With an acoustic ballad to gritty, heavy rock transformation and a strong vocal delivery, this song excels in all fields.

The song begins with a brief acoustic intro. The bittersweet chords pass by quickly but leave a poignant impression. “I can’t make it better / I can’t make it stop,” Ava croons, her voice low, raspy, and salient. Delicate, controlled runs define the character of her voice as we transition to the chorus: “Maybe I’m just sick in the head.” She reaches to her head voice for a catchier, flashier melody. A change in register is always a nice way to indicate heightened emotion, and this hook is no different. Ava’s voice communicates immense conflict and angst.

Fast-forward to about halfway through the song, the instrumentation erupts in a plume of distorted electric guitars, harmonies, crash-heavy drums, and rumbling bass. Ava wails over the now-driving momentum, creating a dynamic climax, unlike anything you’ve ever heard. By the time it cuts back to acoustic, you’re left speechless.

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Written by Alyce Lindberg





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