“They Say” by Ozzient

Ozzient is back again with “They Say” and this time he’s teamed up with LandoIsLeaving and KiERAN, and let’s just say, this trio made a hard-hitting single that will stick around for a long time.

Even though this track is on the shorter side, we are addicted to every heavy-based moment and can’t wait to hear it again.

Ozzient describes this track by saying, “This song is about ignoring the haters and focusing on oneself to become better [and] more successful. Proving to others that the haters only help them even more.”

Although O’s voice is not on the track with his own verse, he contributed to the track in many ways, making it his best release so far. He continues on by saying, “[this] is for the haters to stop hating and start focusing more on themselves instead of what others are doing.”

This Chicago native is incredibly talented, we learned he has the ability to learn musical instruments including the piano, drums, tambora and more. He also says that he was “born into a musically talented Guatemalan family. I have always been passionate about music.”

While listening to Ozzient we can hear that his love for music shows through the beats that he puts together and produces.

We can’t wait to see what Ozz is up to next, with this much talent, we are certain he is going to stay busy!

Make sure you follow Ozzient (links below) to find out what he creates next, and to find out what artists he will be collaborating with soon.

Reviewed by Demornay Bester









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