“Bad Dancing” by Harry Bodley-Scott

Dance to the exciting new sound that is “Bad Dancing” by Harry Bodley-Scott. It combines everything good about the classic indie pop sounds like The 1975 with Bodley-Scott’s unique language and melodies. Bodley-Scott’s been writing music for over eleven years, finding his love for the craft at fourteen years old. The UK-based artist has already had his 2020 single “Times of Our Lives” featured in the film “True Things.” He continues to break through the noise with his latest single. Being featured on notable music places like BBC introducing, EARMILK, and amazing radio.

“Bad Dancing” is an infectious tune with an earworm of a melody and roaring electric guitars. The song embraces a perfect carefree summer song about just letting go and having fun. It is playful and descriptive, showing off Bodley-Scott’s years of writing.

When Bodley-Scott sings, “We wanna dance but we never learned how / but we don’t care right now” he pulls the listener into the song and sets up the hook so there is no mystery as to what this song is about. The production is fun and thoughtful: it’s clean and shows the “carefree care” that goes into making a pop hit like this one.

When asked about the message he hopes listeners take away, Bodley-Scott shared, “Being Yourself is not something you try to do, it’s something you let yourself do when you can stop trying to manage how you are perceived. So, Dance Badly, be yourself.”

So be sure to listen to Harry Bodley-Scott’s new single “Bad Dancing” and keep an eye out for hum on the UK music scene!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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