“Who’s The Dreamer?” by Edgar Everyone

“Who’s The Dreamer” by Edgar Everyone is an anthemic synth-rock masterpiece. As you drift through the absolutely transcendent atmosphere of this song, it’s easy to get lost in the hypnotic groove—but Edgar Everyone never ceases to find a way to shock and surprise you. The dynamics shift from everything to nothing in a heartbeat as the lyrics wrangle complex concepts. The melody always goes where you least expect it, but the chords keep it grounded. If you’re someone who likes unique, experimental music, “Who’s The Dreamer” just might pique your interest.

It begins with a delicate twinkly synth swell, soon overtaken by a lively bass riff. Little electric guitar motifs surround this melody but act more as ornamentation than anything. The drums remain steady and crisp. “I’ve been surrounded by this feeling that something good is happening / Synchronistic numbers on the plates you move are waving,” the singer wails, vocals immersed in layers of chorus and flanger. The energy of every texture heightens as we approach the chorus, eventually exploding in this ethereal, dreamy cloud of instruments. The synths buzz constantly beneath a swarm of harmonies, providing the deep, warm fullness you crave from a good chorus. The chords themselves have an angst to them, which provides plenty of emotional gravity and ultimately fulfills the climactic build we’ve been immersed in so far.

Stay tuned for a mysterious, spoken bridge and a delectable ending. If you like what you hear, give Edgar Everyone a listen, a follow, and a stream!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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