“My Getaway” by MR

“My Getaway” by MR is an 80s-inspired synth-pop track with dreamy themes just in time for the summer. If you’re not entranced by the catchy melodies, then you’re preoccupied with the ethereal production. Everything about this track just screams light-hearted, summery goodness. It’s a must-add to your playlists and a perfect example of how to modernize some classic, retro sounds.

Several synths pulse to form the intro, each with its own unique texture. The breathy vocals soon pile in, accompanied by a crisp drum groove. The melody leaves a lot of space at the outset but gets busier the closer we get to the chorus. The instrumental also thickens, introducing guitars and more percussive elements. The build is short but incredibly gratifying. By the time we get to the chorus, we’re practically begging for it.

“Baby, know that you are my getaway / My sweet vacation holiday,” the singers chime, immersed in luscious harmony. Motifs and riffs echo through the background in this climactic, full cloud of arrangement. The energy of this chorus is palpable. You’re hooked into the infectious groove and memorable melody the whole time. It’s an incredibly well-written, well-designed climax.

Stay tuned for a legendary bridge (with a chordal twist) and a gratifying ending. Be sure to give MR a follow on your choice of social media and “My Getaway” a stream on your choice of streaming service! You’ll be glad you discovered this wildly talented act, as well as this atmospheric, upbeat track.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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