“enemy” by Apricot

“enemy” by Apricot is an irreverent, powerful display of vocal, lyrical, and production prowess. The coy words dance atop a sparse yet texturally intriguing background, all bolstered by Apricot’s cool, conversational vocal tone. If you’re looking for a cathartic, mildly angry pop song to help you decompress, you’re in luck. This one will doubtlessly do the trick.

The song opens with a chanted countdown and a slew of crisp percussive elements. With an elegant slide of the synth bass, we enter the verse: “You know that I’ve got a big appetite / You know it from the lyrics that I write.” Apricot’s smooth, crooning vocal infuses each word with a palpable sultriness. Still, the instrumentation remains simple, sticking with speedy hi-hats and little to no chord value. This allows Apricot to steer the tonality almost single-handedly. It becomes more bluesy, sly, and sensual with each meticulous note choice.

Fast-forward to the chorus—we find ourselves immersed in a catchy, memorable melody. In between each phrase, a wildly fuzzy synth sound pans from ear to ear. Harmonies drift alongside the lead vocal and enforce the hypnotic atmosphere. It continuously blossoms, soon accumulating multiple keyboards and motifs to contrast the previously spacious, simple ambiance. By the end of the song, you’ve digested a wealth of dynamics, moods, and concepts.

Be sure to give Apricot a follow and a listen on your choice of social media platform or streaming service! “enemy” is an incredibly unique and creative piece of music, undoubtedly worthy of your attention.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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