“Top Heavy” by DAAY

“Top Heavy” by DAAY is more of a sonic experience than a straight-ahead piece of music. With its many off-kilter textures, yelled vocal timbre, and unique chord structure, this song sounds unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Although in writing it may sound rather inaccessible, it actually has this infectious groove pretty much anyone could get down to. That being said, it’s a brilliant addition to the fabric of modern rock music. It’s not too often you hear something so clearly likable but also experimental and raw. DAAY deserves not only your attention but also your support in their endeavor to revolutionize the sound of rock music.

It would be a disservice to analyze this song chronologically in such a short review, so let’s delve into the aspects of its build. Instrumentally, we’re served all of the traditional live-band textures in addition to a few extras (i.e. horns and warbling synths). Each instrument either serves as a harmonic or rhythmic baseline or an ornamental effect. Our baseline is rather simple, setting that aforementioned accessible groove while the ornamentation is wild and often non-diatonic. The vocals do a little of both, sometimes feeling melodic and other times aggressively barked (in the best way possible). The songwriting is lyrically relatable and musically complex. The arc has this gratifying, organized chaos sort of atmosphere that eventually ties everything together. The final vocal wail is the climax to something crazy and beautiful.

Be sure to give DAAY a stream, a follow, and a download! You’ll be so glad you got to know this act.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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