“False Dam” by Stutterboy

Stutterboy is here with their new single “False Dam” and it contains a haunting sound you don’t want to miss. We love everything from Stutterboy’s tone, to the instrumentals.

If you are looking for something new, dark, and mysterious, then look no further, Stutterboy is here to take you by storm and cause your thoughts to alter.

False Dam” is the latest track from the band, and “Shutterboy’s third single to be released from their upcoming full-length album. As one of the more fierce sounding tracks on the album, “False Dam” fuses simple minor chord progressions with tenacious synth tones, to create a dark and distinct blend of Post-Punk and 90’s Psychedelic Rock.

We feel like this description of the track sets the tone for the single, as it’s from the band (or team) itself. While we looked for more information about the track, we found that, “The singer’s worn and distant vocals run through a chain of reverbs and delays which punctuate the grimace underlying this tune.”

While we love “False Dam” we know there is more to this track than meets the ears (or eye’s), Stutterboy does a brilliant job of placing visuals into our heads on this single and we hope to gain more of this feeling in the band’s future releases.

This is definitely a track that will stick with you, and even shift changes in reality. 

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Our personal favorite line: “Harm is all we wanted/ blinds drawn/ strolling fast/ do we seem those punks tonight?” You’ve got a face I’d have gassed/ tell your wife it’s gonna be a little while.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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