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“It’s Not You, It’s Them” EP by Daisy Gill

The world is to watch out for Liverpool singer-songwriter and upcoming superstar Daisy Gill. Last month, she released her empowering debut EP, “It’s Not You, It’s Them,” blessing us with her beautiful and soulful voice.

An intriguing thing about most singer-songwriters is that while a track or other instrumentalists accompany them, they’re the entree or main course. It’s no different for Daisy’s EP. She has beautiful accompaniments, but nothing holds her back or outshines her.

“It’s Not You, It’s Them” is based on the growing pains of being in your 20s and managing friendships, relationships and everything associated with adulting.

Short from the femme fatale style, Daisy maintains this self-sufficient woman attitude throughout the songs, which is needed for women to survive in this world.

“Telephone” comprises a bluesy and sultry sound with the rhythm, beat and horn instrument. Daisy’s voice is impeccable, and maintains a strong presence.

The singer’s sass and confidence are on full display as she asserts that someone won’t get a thing out of her in the second track, “Nothing Out of Me,” which has a pleasant R&B/hip hop presence and dark underlying tone from the piano riff.

If Daisy’s set of lungs fails to prove she has soul, the iconic Ray Charles “Hit the Road Jack” version rhythm in “Leaving Here Alone” will do so. Filled with soul-stirring harmonies and an infectious beat, “Leaving Here Alone” lures the listeners. Daisy’s cold tone when she warns, “I wanna be the one who cuts you down / I wanna be the one who tears you down / So if you leave me don’t you make a sound / Don’t you make a sound.”

“New York State of Mind” is a venomous and empowering tune where Daisy affirms she’s at the wheel and in control. The “New York State of Mind” refers to people who know how to make and adhere to their own rules regardless of who attempts to interfere. Daisy snapped with the lyrics, daring anyone to challenge her “New York State of Mind.”

“Remedy” is my favorite track from the EP because of the beautiful melody and genius lyrics, from “I don’t want to be defeated by the enemy” to “This world ain’t holy / Oh, baby, what a deadly sea.” And the song continuously builds with Daisy exhibiting her passion through her powerful voice, which resembles Miley Cyrus.

Daisy is a beautifully talented artist and one worth checking out. Please follow her on her social and music platforms!

Written by Taylor Berry

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