“Almost Out Of Time” by Sig And The Fire Pilots

Heaving a major sigh at what the world has become, West Midlands group Sig And The Fire Pilots composed a groovy response.

Combining pop, reggae, blues and funk, “Almost Out Of Time” is a swell song with a great reggaeton groove and comprises an inviting and insouciant repetitive rhythm. Duggie maintained the song’s beating heart on the kits while Clark played against the percussion on the lead guitar, and Dave kept it groovy on the bass while belting out the catchy chorus.

The instrumental portion of “Almost Out Of Time” was exhilarating and blended exceptionally well, while the lyrics held more profound meaning.

Whether looking on social media or TV, there’s always a catastrophic event taking place, from wars and shootings to unforeseeable deaths and global warming. And while the media covers these tragic moments, it conceals the fact that humans, ourselves, are causing these sad moments. Our anger, greed, ignorance, etc., are polluting the earth with the issues we’re allegedly trying to fix.

The second verse read, “Maybe now is the time for all / Satiate the greed / fulfill just take it all / Streets of gold are funny / We rip ’em bare to aid the climb.”

The third verse: “We don’t wear our spoons too well / Gates of Heaven closed / Here’s your living hell / D’ya see yourself / The made mistake / The hollow tribe / The take, take, take…”

“Almost Out Of Time” is Sig And the Fire Pilots’ second release, and we look forward to more music from them. Follow the band on their socials!

Written by Taylor Berry







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