“Life’s Caving In” by Huw and the Greater Good

“Life’s Caving In” by Huw and the Greater Good is a unique example of how retro and modern sounds can be incorporated smoothly and effectively. With more influences than you could count on both hands, this band brings out a familiarity along with a fascinating newness. Not to mention, the song itself is so full of anthemic energy you won’t be able to stop yourself from moving along in some form or fashion. If you’re into British post-punk, sixties power-pop, or anything in between, this’ll be your new favorite song.

A power chord build invites us into the song, culminating in a falsetto-laden chorus: “You’ve been slipping ‘cause I’ve been slipping.” Classic chord changes and a crash-heavy drum groove hold down the atmosphere, which soon melts into a verse. The band gets tighter as the melody becomes more conversational. The vocalist slides through the words with such drama and angst—it’s infectious. Another chorus passes by with a wail, then another verse, then, out of nowhere, a complete and total feel change. An electric guitar strums tremolo and reverb-drenched chords as the drums gently whisper a 6/8 groove. After a nice float in this quiet ambiance, however, the frenetic punk wave picks us up again and sends us hurtling toward the non-diatonic, screamed ending.

If you’re craving some intense and inventive rock music, be sure to check out Huw and the Greater Good! “Life’s Caving In” is a masterpiece of arrangement, writing, and performance.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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