“comfy” by ST. NIKLAS

“comfy” by ST. NIKLAS is a vibrant display of songwriting and production—but in addition to that—it delves into this all-too-common situation that occurs in relationships. You find yourself avoiding a problem for the sake of comfort. You worry that this problem will spell the end of your partnership. You can’t seem to find a good way to bring it up. Nuanced messages like this one take a song from good to brilliant. Pop music so often sticks to a few key topics, but when a track like this one comes along with an interesting takeaway, there’s no denying it’s destined for success.

“Lately / I’ve been holding on to maybe / But maybe, we’re just a little bit offbeat,” two singers croon in different octaves. A dreamy synth holds down the chords underneath. Percussion settles in succinctly, resulting in this fast, groovy shuffle. The singers continue the push forward through diverse melodies, effortlessly personifying the two implied lovers. As the chorus blossoms, so does the instrumentation. More synth sounds erupt from the mix, each adding its own lovely, spacey layer. By the end of the song, distorted vocal samples fly from ear to ear and bass rumbles in the low end. A very fitting lyric concludes it all: “Are we ever gonna talk about it?”

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Written by Alyce Lindberg




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