“Love Interest” by Isabella Lavalle

Setting poetry to music, Isabella Lavalle has released her new single “Love Interest.” Lavalle has honed her love of playing music from the age of fourteen. The dominoes fell into line when after college, she picked up songwriting after a bad breakup. Then the pop performer embraced production during the 2020 pandemic. With those new skills and a bedroom studio, she was able to write, perform, and produce the song all on her own.

“Love Interest” is a song with a catchy melody and catching story. Lavalle cites Taylor Swift as one of her main sources of inspiration, and the chorus of this melody is straight out of Lover or Midnights – some of Swift’s most love-filled albums. The production is built up in a way that you can admire both the complexity and the simplicity.

The topic of the song is a pivot for Lavalle, leaning more on optimism and daydreaming instead of her signature melancholic writing. “I was there when times got tough / I was the moon in all your dusk” is such strong songwriting and shows off Lavalle’s attention to language and interest in poetry. She is able to say it in a way that paints a picture but does not make it overly flowery.

When sharing what this song is about, Lavalle shared, “This song is about being interested in someone and wanting to pursue a relationship with them despite whatever people may say.”

So if you’re a fan of artists like Taylor Swift, Maisie Peters, or Olivia Rodrigo – then go listen to Isabella Lavalle’s song “Love Interest” out now!

Reviewed by Katie Power





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