“Munich” by The Train Rockers

Romanizing the less shiny parts of town, The Train Rockers have released their single “Munich,” from the EP The Black Sheep, available everywhere now. The band comes from all over including Germany, Turkey, and England. The rag tag group got their name from their love of performing in what other artists might deem “undesirable.” The Train Rockers enjoy connecting with people from all walks of life which is why they do shows on the subway, the streets, and even prisons. Their performances of the streets of Munich are what inspired the song of the same name.

The production of “Munich” lets the listener know what they’re in for right out of the gate. With feed back and crunchy electric guitars, it is clear you are in for an exciting ride. The vocals are a perfect fit for a song like this, and it feels like a true story the whole way through.

Blunt and clear lyrics that still are poetic are hard to come by, so it is amazing that this band toes the line so well. The chorus is the best example of this with “I can feel your love I was runnin’ from; I was runnin’ from / Now I can feel your love in this ugly town.” The use of “love” and “ugly” in this phrase is so interesting and unique. They know this town is not for everyone, but it is for them. It is such a fun song with real heart and drive.

When diving into their inspiration for playing in obscure locations how that is reflected in their songwriting, they shared, “Our song “Munich” tries to capture the magic of this place, ugly at first glance but beautiful in its imperfection. And the rare moments of love between “fellow humans” who come here to forget their hatred, their loss, and to numb their pain. These encounters inspired us to write our own songs.”

So go to a different part of town with The Train Rockers’ “Munich” and their exciting EP The Black Sheep!

Reviewed by Katie Power

Photos by Levi Smith





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