“Psychod!ck” by Domiziana

Domiziana, (she/they)  is here with “Psychod!ck” and all we can say is WOW! We love how this track stands out and how she is an artist who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and tell her truth!

“Psychod!ck” is immediately relatable and there is so much charm here that we can hardly contain ourselves, Domiziana is different, unique and fashion forward, all through her lyrics and in real life.

“Psychod!ck” is an irresistible catchy pop musical journey with a thought- provoking, storytelling that defies conversations and challenges societal norms. Themes like toxic masculinity and male aggression are weaved in a chunky, funk infused groove with some 80’s disco elements and synths, all enclosed into an ambient, watery atmosphere that shifts between analog and digital.”

We love this description of the track, and as we listen, we begin to appreciate the lyrics with each second that goes by. Domiziana brings awareness to subjects that are rarely spoken about in the music world by singing them boldly and not allowing herself to shy or back down towards any of these topics; for this we appreciate Domiziana’s work, as it’s one of a kind.

“My music stands wherever I stand.”– Domiziana

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Our personal favorite line: “A grown up, that’s what I have to – be/ I provoked you, should have seen this coming/ but I do own my – sh*t/ I do own my sh*t/ toxicity will shrink your di*k.”

Reviewed by Demornay Bester





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