“Oblivion” by Liars Teeth

“Oblivion” by Liars Teeth has the heaviness you always crave from a rock song with a smart lyrical sense and a dreamy production style. Not to mention, the musicality is actually quite complex. The riffs create these non-diatonic arcs as the chords flow from one tonality to another with ease. The layered vocals are just the icing on the cake of a well-thought-out, highly effective song.

It begins with a few staccato power chords, then devolves into the crunchy, distorted riff underpinned by a washy drum groove. This riff bleeds into the verse, forming a textural, intriguing foundation. “Shadows drag us down / Caught in the undertow,” the singer utters these long, almost slurred phrases. This angsty delivery contrasts the tight, poignant instrumental. Even the light, falsetto background vocals add to the ethereal value of the performance. Before you know it, however, you’re riding the momentum into the chorus. “Will you sink or swim?” the booming accompaniment lifts the vocal into this urgent, high-energy atmosphere. The time signature arrives at a pithy 6/8, shortening each phrase by two beats and fostering a hypnotizing effect.

Stay tuned for a soft, beautiful breakdown, an increasingly impressive vocal performance, and a reverb-drenched guitar solo. If you’re into 90’s rock, you’ll doubtlessly fall in love with this track—and by association, Liars Teeth. Their discography demonstrates a strong sense of style, meticulous production and arrangement work, and most importantly, brilliant musicianship. Be sure to give them a listen, a follow, and a download!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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